The Spoil Yourself Silly Birthday Cheat Sheet!

The Spoil Yourself Silly Birthday Cheat Sheet

If you’ve ever felt as though you’ve done it all and you’re just not sure what to do to celebrate your birthday, you’re certainly not alone. Sometimes you just need to think outside the box a little to come up with some ideas that’ll make you feel special on your special day.

long-island-birthday-clubHere’s a quick cheat sheet to help you come up with some ideas to treat yourself as only you know how you want to be treated this year.


1. How about a deep tissue massage… Perhaps a couples massage with someone special…

2. Perhaps you’ll enjoy going to a movie in the middle of the day and having the entire theater to yourself where you can shout, “Don’t Go In There!!!” as loud as you want without getting Goobers flung at you.

3. Maybe head over to an animal shelter and take some furry friends on a walk. The smile and joy these little guys can give you can certainly make you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

4. That exotic car is you’ve always wanted to rent is calling you. A nice long drive can really be a nice break for your head. Why not take the day off and go for a drive to one of long islands beautiful beaches or parks… or perhaps head upstate for the day.

5. Of course there’s nothing like the feeling of being pampered on your birthday… Perhaps a mani, a pedi or a facial will set you right.

best-birthday-club-long-island6. On that note, you may get that special feeling over at your favorite salon after a cut, color and blow out. Not that you need it of course.

7. And if you’re really feeling decadent, why not put yourself up in a hotel for the night and order room service. Perhaps there’s a balcony overlooking a swimming pool that could use a new television…:)

8. While a first class shopping spree can certainly be a blast, how bout buying yourself or your special someone something “A Little More Comfortable”…

9. There’s certainly no shortage of venues on Long Island for an evening of fun and entertainment. Perhaps some comedy or live music will get your heart pumping.

10. If you’re looking to head out of the local scene but you don’t want to work that hard, why not hire a car and head into Manhattan for a special night on the town. Perhaps take in a show after getting all kinds of attention from a giant furry mascot or naked cowboy. Make sure they throw you a couple bucks for the favor:)

11. You could do a lot worse than simply getting your endorphins pumping with some good old exercise. If you don’t belong to a gym or have a sport of choice, a nice long walk could be just the thing to set your mind and body at ease.

12. While you’re at it, there’s nothing like challenging your brain a bit with a class or course that is completely for the love of it. Perhaps a cooking or comedy  class would do the trick.

best-prime-rib-long-island13. Maybe some time in solitude would be nice. Why not pull down the shades, draw a bath and enjoy some quite time all by yourself.

14. And of course, what birthday celebration would be complete without allowing yourself to Indulge in a fantastic meal at a very special place… Wink.. wink…

Regardless of what you do, we hope your birthday is absolutely fantastic and wish you much joy and happiness on your special day.

If you haven’t checked out the Crown Birthday Club yet, you’re welcome to learn more about it here.

We look forward to seeing you soon:)